I’m going to tell you something happened in my life. And I get a really great life lesson about it.

Before I told you to story I’m going to give you some information about the stuff I’m going to write.

In my country, in schools they teach you all the same classes until 11th grade. In 10th grade you choose a section of the way you will go to. There are 4 section. The math class. They learn math and lessons like that. They don’t have that much verbal classes. Then there is verbal classes, they only see one hour of math, that’s it. There is a TM classes (that’s a shortcut of course), they see math classes and literature equally. And language classes. In this section we learn languages. English, German and Turkish of course. None math classes.

So I picked language because of the job I wanted. But for a class to open 10 students have to pick the class. In my school we didn’t get enough students. I didn’t wanted to go to the other school so I stayed here and I had to pick TM. Because it was the closest one.

Everything Started A Week Ago. 

The school and the problems that school brought.(waking up early, the homework and for me going to a section that I didn’t want to.) 

I make a friend in the first day. (that’s a little unusual. ) She is like me to. She picked language, didn’t want to go to the other school so stayed here. Anyway in lunchtime of second day we thought that we don’t want to stay in this section but don’t want to go to the other school. So let’s open the section. We didn’t how to but we just wanted to. 

We talked to the principal and he said that we can open this week if you find 10 people. We started trying. We talked all the teachers. (the ones who like us.) They talked with students, we talked with everyone who thought or can come to language section. We get 7 at last. We couldn’t find rest of it. 3 people 3!!!

We didn’t give up. We didn’t accept the situation and kept trying. In two days we tried to find 10 students and convince our principal the open the section. We tried to find new ways(we couldn’t).  We even didn’t go to the some lessons for this. Then our guidance teacher told us that  

“You two tried your best for yourselfs. Sometimes you need to stop trying and accept the situation. “


First we didn’t accept it. We didn’t listen to our guidance teacher. We kept creating new hopes and failing. The end of the Friday our principal told us that stop trying because we couldn’t open the section anymore. We get upset of course but this isn’t the point of this blog.


The thing is yes never stop dreaming and fighting for it. But sometimes always creating new hopes and failing about them is stressful and upsetting. Am I regretful for trying that hard? No. Because in the future I didn’t want to feel bad thinking “does the section opened if I tried.” or “did I manage the open the class.” so yes I tried everything I could and it didn’t happened.


Now,  the time is focus on being good at this section and still go to my dream job and living my dream life. Maybe this is a good thing that I didn’t go to that section.( I mean I can’t see why right now but maybe I can in the future.)  

You can’t decide some things. Always try your best but know when to let go.




Sometimes You Need To Stop And Accept The Situation ” üzerine 2 yorum

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