This is my first day of blogging, I have Tumblr too yes but all I do is reblog so that doesn’t count right. So like must blogger I read did I’m going to introduce myself too. 

First things first,  I apologize for my English. English is not my main language I just learn at school and I really really really want to improve it. What is the best way of doing it? Practice of course. 

I’m 16. And I have some big dreams like every person in the world. I’m trying to make my dreams come true (obviously). One of my dreams is writing a blog and need to start somewhere right? 

I’m going to high school (as you guessed). And I don’t have much friends because we just moved here. It’s been a year and I select my friends wisely (not because I’m unsocial,  of course). 

Okay I’m just skipping this boring stuff for your own help and start telling you my story about writing :

I always love writing. Making stories up and telling them. In primary school I was the story teller (I’m sure that they were some weird princess stories.). When I learned how to write I didn’t write stories immediately of course. But when my parents sick off listening my weird stories they told me to write them. It was good for two ways. First they didn’t have to listen to me anymore. Second,  it was a good practice for school. 

I wrote my stories yes. But they were shorter than a paragraph. When I was at 6th grade I wasn’t writing for a long time. Than I had some friend issues. My parents divorced when I was 8 so my mother always working to give us the best life that we can live. There wasn’t noone to listen to me(my mother would but that time I said myself the she wouldn’t.) 

I started to writing a journal. But I wrote in the fanciest way possible (I lost the journal while we moved here, sad story.) At 7th grade I had a friend who thinks writing journal is stupid. And I don’t know why I just didn’t write after that. 

At 8th grade our friendship ended very cruel for me. (I’m a little over dramatic I admit it.) So there was a girl who is just a normal classmate(right now she is my best friend) she didn’t end our friendship even we went to the different high school. And I just think maybe I look the friendship at the wrong hands. 

Anyways, at 9th grade’s summer I told my writing story to her and she said that I should continue writing. She read 1 or 2 of them. But not that much. I don’t even know why. And she like the stories. Told me I can really write and encourage me to write longer. I tried and managed one time. I couldn’t get to an end but it was good. But she didn’t read that one. Noone did. 

So right now I’m 11th class. Next year I’m going to be a senior. Than go to college. Probably like must of the people I want to go a good University. Actually I have goal and it’s one of the bests of my country. I study but I don’t know if its enough.

Thats it for now. I hope you like the things I write, I don’t what I write yet but hope you like it. 


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